Video Introduction

  • Unplug from the Noise

  • Listen to Your Soul

  • Make Courageous Change

Transformation is simple but not easy

We see an enormous amount of time and money being wasted on approaches that don't deliver results. We make real transformation accessible to anyone who is willing to put in the work. Let us guide you to the path of true change and fulfillment.

"When I started working with Michael, I was in a very tough, dark, space and didn’t really realize it. I was working 80-100 hours a week and was burnt out. In working with him, I found that I didn’t have to put more hours and effort into my work. By getting more aligned within, I was able to double my business working half of the time I used to."

Jennie Lok, Realtor & Passive Income Coach, Zen Coast Homes

"After working with Michael, I'm not working hard, not grinding and my businesses are able to explode from ease. I trust and empower my team and am able to let go a lot more."

Tony Child, CEO of Elevated Worldwide

How real growth works

You were born to just need to remember how to create optimal conditions.

  • Unplug from the noise

    There is more complexity and distraction around us than ever. Then there is the inner noise of constant thinking and intense emotions. Learn to unplug from the external and the internal noise to access true clarity within ➡️

  • Listen to your soul

    Soul is not special, everyone has one but our access to it has become increasingly obscured underneath all the doing, busy mind and pain from the past. We create a context for you to listen, let go of what is weighing you down and gain insight from your soul ➡️

  • Make Courageous Change

    By not listening to your soul you have created mental conditions & life circumstances that feel confining. Implementing your insights takes courage. By facing your fears, you can regain the enjoyment and clarity that is your birthright 🌟

What to expect

  • Simple

    Confusion on how to create traction in your growth leads to inaction. Let simple actions and shifts in perspective guide you towards real progress.

  • Practical

    Stress and life's responsibilities take up a lot of bandwidth. The struggle to balance it all is real. You need an approach to growth that works. We got you.

  • Real

    New awareness is just the beginning. We pair cutting edge teachings with a safe container that allows you to let go and remember who you really are.

Your guide on the Journey

Dr. Michael Brabant

Michael is devoted to making real transformation simple and accessible to everyone. An eternal student of ancient wisdom traditions and also holding a PhD in psychology, Michael is able to break down very deep and complex ideas in simple, practical and transformational ways.

He both translates and transmits a depth of presence that is playful, catalytic and real. He currently works 1:1 with CEOs and high achievers who are interested in creating a better world through leading their companies and lives from the intelligence of their heart and soul.

He has a vision of building curriculum that will help anyone interested in growth to have access to the most cutting edge inner technologies with a simple and practical approach that leads to lasting positive change.

Details of the online workshop

Limited Spaces Available. Sign up ASAP to Secure Your Place.

  • When

    Saturday, January 21st 2023 from 9-2p PST

  • Where

    Online via zoom with recording emailed to you post-event

  • How

    We'll create a context of clarity, safety & transformation with you

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